Welcome, Introduction to HeathPerry.com

First Blog Post

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This is Launch Day!  The launch of a new work that has been on my heart to create for years.  I hope you find what I have found personally.  I want to welcome you!

Welcome to HeathPerry.com

There will be many different resources, materials, and articles for you to discover here. It’s my ultimate desire that you discover a close walk with God through His Grace and His Love. And that His Grace and His Love flow through your life to others around you.

Welcome to My Blog!

New places can be awkward and intimidating.  I remember being new to a school.  It seemed that everyone knew someone, knew where to go, and I had to figure it all out.

No one took the time create good directions or to welcome me.  Most of the other kids were already familiar with the school.  I felt awkward and out of place.

I hope that you have never felt like that.  If you have before, I’d like for this to not be one of those times.

I am very excited about this new blog.  Let me show you around the place so that you feel welcome here!

The Types of Posts to Expect

Through the content that I post, my desire is that you grow in His grace and live in His love.  I hope that you understand what is the width, length, depth, and height of God’s love for you.

My desire for you is to know the love of Christ that passes knowledge and that you may be filled with the fullness of God!

Type of content that you can expect

  • Blog Posts – The blog posts will center around tactical ways to Grow in God’s Grace and to Live in His Love.
  • Messages – I will be posting my past Messages from Sundays and Wednesdays church services here.  These are being transcribed so that they can be indexed and searched.
  • Quotes – I will be posting quotes from Church Leaders, Commentators, and Founding Fathers that encourage us to live out our faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Bible Verses – Our foundation is the Bible. We will be posting Bible verses from time to time that will encourage and challenge us.
  • Inspirational Images – We will be posting inspirational images with Bible Verses, Quotes, or with encouragements.  These are for you to enjoy and to share with others.
  • Videos – As additional content, I will share videos with you.

Some other topics will be

Content is interactive

My intention is that this content be interactive and that it will spark conversation within the comment sections.  That you will share with the rest of us your thoughts and reactions as you are led.

I look at myself as simply the catalyst for the conversation.  My hope is that we Grow in His Grace and Live in His love together!

Welcome to HeathPerry.com!

What Type of posts would you like to see?  Is there a question that you wrestle with?  Is there a struggle in your life that you need to overcome?

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