There’s Always Time for God

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Do you have time for God?  Sometimes our life gets busy, but if we are too busy for God then may I suggest that we’re too busy.  There’s always time for God.

There's Always Time for God

Today was a very busy day for me.  I have an all day conference that will go from very early to very late.  There may be a lot of excuses that I could come up with.  If I had reasons, to be honest, they would all be excuses. But I made time to get up even earlier to have time for God and really with Him.

God, A Priority In Our Lives

We should make God a priority.  If I make Him a priority, there is always time.  I usually hear that I don’t have time, but really what you are saying is that all other things in my day have become a priority over God.

What can be a higher priority than spending time with Him?  Is there anything that should take precedence?

The Bible says that God’s thoughts towards us are like the sands.  How many grains of sand do you think are on all of the beaches, in all of the oceans, and in the deserts?  I can’t come up with a rational number.  Can we conclude that it is far to much to count?

God Wants Time with Us

If God’s thoughts are that many towards us, then how many should we have towards Him, let alone be able to spend some time with Him in prayer and reading the Bible.

God wants to spend time with us, to speak to us. What do you think He wants to speak back to us in our hearts if only we will give Him the time?

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