4 Reasons There is No Time for Sin

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There was a realization that I had today.  We look around the world and see every crazy thing happening.  Islam is making a push to take over the world, Atheism is taking over in countries where Christianity once was prominent, and the United States is in a moral tailspin.  The realization was this, THERE IS NO TIME FOR SIN IN MY LIFE.

There is No Time for Sin

I remember growing up in a large church.  We were comfortable there.  The church was enjoyable, with a pastor who lived fully for God.  We had great music and an amazing youth group.

Although, some of the church members seemed to live a double life.  We would dabble in worldly things and clear our conscience on Sunday when we devoted our lives to God for a couple of hours.

It seemed that we could have some pet sins and still no one would be impacted.  Boy were we wrong.

Today, with the world needing Christ as their influence more than ever, we don’t have time for sin. We didn’t then either, but failed to recognize it.

There are four areas  in our lives that sin impacts.

There is No Time for Sin

    1. Sin costs us Money – Let’s hit home first.  Face it, sin costs you money. It sets you back from other goals that you have.

      That money could have used for something useful. It could be given towards the kingdom of God and furthering the gospel. This is part of having good stewardship of what God has entrusted to us.

      Instead we often use our money for self-pleasure, sinful habits, and furthering the world’s objectives.

    2. Sin costs us Time – When you behave wrongly, the impact of your decision costs time. If you behave badly toward your family, you now have to go back and repair what has been damaged.

      If you spend your time supporting movies and television shows that are contrary to what you believe, you are supporting those who are in direct conflict with who you are.

      Modern Christians seem to be the only ones conflicted with this point. Why would we support people who hate us? We also can’t get that time back once it is spent.

    3. Sin costs us relationships – Sin impacts those around us.  When we choose to allow sin in our lives, we are hurting ourselves, our relationship with God, and our family and friends around us.

      Sin damages our closest relationships that we have.  Sometimes it does real long-term damage.

      The best way to begin serving God, is within your own home.  If you can serve God there, you can do it anywhere.

    4. Sin costs us influence – When choosing sin over godly lives, we lose our influence for Christ in peoples lives.  When we sin, our witness to others is nullified.

Our Calling By God

Let’s not complain about how bad the world has become.  We know that the world will get darker in the last days.

Instead of complaining about the problem, let’s become the solution. Let’s be the light and the salt that God has called us to be.

If we live lives that are Holy, dedicated to God, He will use us to influence the world around us for Him.  If we want to see the world changed for Him, there is no time for sin.

In what ways can we make more time for God and less time for sin?

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