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I am interested in sharing with your church, group, or event. I believe that the Lord has given me a heart to share His Word with this generation.

My heart is to share His Word, His Love, and His Grace with those who would invite me to do so. I would ask that if you have not already done so, begin praying about whether the Lord would have me come and share with your group.

Teaching God’s Word

I teach God’s Word at Calvary Cross Church which is in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  We are at the crossroads of Wisconsin, an hour from Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay / Appleton.

I am honored to be entrusted with God’s Word.  I consistently teach and engage this generation in the application of His Word to our lives.

Sharing His Word with Other Churches

I am honored when I am invited to share God’s Word at another church.  It’s an honor to meet and minister with other pastors and their staff, treating the body of Jesus as He would.

I am blessed to be invited into your ministry that the Lord has given to you and I honor that.  When I share at a church as a visitor, I am encouraged to be able to point people back to the Lord.  I love laboring alongside of others in the ministry.

Sharing at Conferences and Events

I love to speak at conferences and events.  There is such an opportunity to impact someone’s life for the Lord in a single moment.  I love to take a topic or verse that may be assigned and to see what God puts on my heart for that group, for that moment.

I can also be flexible to the Holy Spirit’s leading and just share what He gives to me for that particular event.

These are topics that I have been known to speak on:

  • Sexual Purity
  • God’s Grace
  • God’s Love
  • Christian Disciplines

In my experience, I have also spoken at Youth and Men’s Conferences in the past.  I was a youth pastor in my past and the passion for impacting the youth for Christ has never left me.  God has given me a heart for the youth which I am very comfortable in sharing with.

I am very comfortable engaging most types of groups.

What to expect when working with Me

  • A quick response when someone contacts me. There are exceptions, but that is a general rule.
  • A review of the details of the engagement as early as possible to pray over and to review my schedule
  • I check in for updates as the engagement gets closer. Good communication is key to successfully working together.
  • An announcement of your event on my blog and social media outlets
  • A prayerfully sought message directly prepared for your engagement and audience.
  • A custom resource page, created just for your audience. It will include any slides, resources, links, and anything else that I might feel will be helpful.
  • A follow up communication to review how things went and to talk about what God has done.

A quick Bio about me

I have been speaking and sharing God’s Word for 20 years. I am comfortable and have experience speaking in front of thousands, hundreds, or small groups. God has had me sharing in many different types of situations.

I have my experience in two arenas, Ministry and Information Technology. In Ministry, I have served as a Youth Pastor and as a Senior Pastor. In Information Technology as my tent making, I lead infrastructure and security technology teams for large organizations.

I am a:

  • Sinner – Saved by God’s amazing grace through Christ Jesus.  A testament to His amazing grace and saving power.
  • Pastor – Chief servant at Calvary Cross Church of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The church is 1 year old and has An amazing body of believers who God has entrusted to my care.
  • Husband – Happily Married and serving my wife, who is my first ministry as was Christ’s example to us.
  • Father  – I have four amazing kids who love the Lord that God has entrusted me to lead by example.

Listen to Messages

How to Engage Me to Share

Thank you for prayerfully considering me to speak at your church or event. To engage with me and to see if there is availability and to have me prayerfully consider your invitation, please check my availability.

Check My Availability