Solid Foundation For Life

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When you buy a house, you have an inspection done. A key thing to look at in the inspection is the foundation of a house. Without a good foundation, the house becomes unstable. Our life also needs a solid foundation or we become unstable.

Solid Foundation for Life

We were house hunting a few years ago. In the area that we live in, many houses were built with mud packing in around the houses. This did not let the water drain except right around the basements of the houses.

Most of the houses today, have been trenched around, proper drainage installed, and the basement walls refortified by steel beams.

The builders thought the foundations were solid when they built the homes, but the right foundation was not put in for the conditions. Many years later, if not taken care of the foundations will crumble and later the houses will also.

We also need a solid foundation for our lives. The solid foundation for our lives is the Word of God, the Bible.

To have and to maintain our foundations, we should be having the Bible as part of our normal reading. This allows God to speak to us by the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God.

The Importance of the Bible as Our Solid Foundation

  • God Breathed for Our Instruction – The Bible is directly inspired by God. God has given it directly to Men who followed Him. He directed the writing of it so that we can have His instructions on how to be successful here. It’s our manual for life.



  • God’s Word is Living – The Bible is the only living book that we have. It actively works in our lives through the Holy Spirit. Imagine what it can do in our lives if read a little each day. Being God’s Word and being alive, it can do powerful things in your life. It can truly transform you.



  • Jesus is the Word – Jesus was called the Word in John. Jesus often quoted from the Old Testament. He and the Apostles also pointed out many places where Jesus was the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. The entire Bible is the story of Jesus.

The Old Testament points forward to Jesus’ coming. The New Testament tells of His coming in the Gospels and points forward to His second coming and eternal reign.



  • God’s Word is Eternal – His Word will last forever and He exalts His own Word over all other things. (Psalm 138:2) The Heaven and Earth will pass away but His word will last forever. (Matthew 24:35)


  • God’s Word has Purpose – God’s Word has a purpose and is goes out at God’s will and accomplishes what He wants.



The Bible is Vital for Our Foundation

God’s Word is so vital to our foundation. It was critically important to Jesus and God makes it the Most important thing. This makes it the most important thing to our lives.

If it so important to our lives, then we need to make time for it in our lives. Let’s build our foundation and make it strong!

How is your foundation in God’s Word? Do you spend regular time in the Bible?

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