Overwhelmed? How to Reset When Life Becomes too Much

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We all need a time to reset, take a step back, and to get a breather. Maybe you are finding yourself overwhelmed with tasks, with more to do than hours in a day, week, a year. You don’t know how you are going to do it. Completely Overwhelmed?

Reset when overwhelmed

I found that place a few times this year, my most recent time was a month ago. My website had re-launched with this blog and I had begun writing again. I was thoroughly enjoying it.

That was all fine, but work exploded and I become overwhelmed there. I have found when I become overwhelmed in one area of my life that it puts pressure on the other areas. I can’t be overwhelmed in one area and not the others. It becomes a domino effect in other domains of life.

I came to a crossroads where I had to do something. This had been addressed but by being overwhelmed, it meant that I had not addressed it adequately enough.

I can tell you today that I have come out of that time of being overwhelmed stronger than I ever have. I am able to handle what is thrown at me and ready to take on what God has for me in the future.

Here is what I learned and some things that I had to re-learn this past month.

Go Back to the Basics when You are Overwhelmed

It’s counterintuitive, but the best thing to do when you are overwhelmed is to stop and go back to the basics. We often get overwhelmed when the fundamentals are out of alignment.  Have you ever noticed that difficult things become easier when the fundamentals are taken care of?

Here are the basics as a believer in Christ:

  • Prayer: Go back and look at our prayer life and spend more time there. We often get overwhelmed when we have gotten our lives out of alignment with God. Often this means our prayer life is suffering. If we are seeking what the Lord would have for our life first, we get our eyes on what counts, the Lord and His will for us.
  • Bible: Spend more time in your devotional time reading the Bible. I like to pray while reading, talking to the Lord about the passage, asking questions. It’s amazing that when you do this, how often the passage comes alive as the Lord answers me on what He has written and how it applies to my life.
  • Sin: Inevitably, we have come to be overwhelmed because of sin in our lives. Big or Small, it is because of sin that we have gotten our eyes on our circumstances instead of the Lord. Seek to give the situations over to the Lord and leave them at the cross. If we are walking in faith, by the Spirit, we wouldn’t fall. Like Peter walking on the water. When our eyes are on the Lord, we are OK. When our eyes are on the waves, we begin to sink.
  • Better Management: This means better discipline in our lives. The other three were focused on the Spiritual side. There is a practical side also but the impact is huge on our spiritual lives. I will share this part in my next post.

Refocus on the Lord

I know that life can get overwhelming when we let it. The best thing to do is to reset and take time with the Lord. Seek the mind and heart of the Lord. Even if we already are spending time with the Lord, we need to make sure that our hearts and minds are wholly His, focused on what He would like for us.

Ultimately, if we are overwhelmed then we either are doing something that we are not called to do, or we are focusing to much on the things that we have been given. Either way, it is in the way of our biggest priority, our fellowship with Jesus!

Are you overwhelmed? Do you have things that you are focused on that you shouldn’t be?

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