Religion is Dead

The Rise of the Non-Religious Nones

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Look around today and churches are shrinking. A whole new category of people have emerged on poles about religion.  This new category is called “None”.  That’s right, the religion of none or non-religious.

Religion is Dead

Out of seemingly nowhere there is now a category for people who don’t have an identifiable religion.  This category has risen over the last decade to larger numbers.  In the United States, this number is at over 22% of Americans, especially in the younger generations.

People are Leaving Religion

Many young people have left churches and religion altogether.  It seems that many people are tired of religion and all the rules that apply.  Instead, why live fettered with these rules when I can live without them.  Who can follow all those rules anyway?

So, it seems that we are on a downward trend for religion.  Or at least, in the future, there will be a larger percentage of people who have never heard the gospel or have stepped into a church.

What Does Jesus think about Religion?

Jesus hates religion too! At least He hates all of the rules and what is has become.  He came to abolish that.

He hates all the rules that have been created and the procedures that people have made to reach God. The things that He did, often irritated the religious of His time. He exposed the religious for who they actually were, fakers.

Many people are looking for truth. Many people agree that what turns them off the most about Christianity is that:

  1. Prove to me that it is the truth vs other religions.
  2. Religion is full of a bunch of phonies and fakers. Christianity has been lumped into this because of the volume of religious fakers that “practice” this “religion”.

In John 5, Jesus decides to heal a man on the sabbath. The sabbath was one day a week that God told the Jews not to do any work…so they could Worship God.  After Jesus heals the man, He tells the man to carry His mat.  Instead of praising God for the miracle that just happened, they instead chastise the man for carrying his mat on the sabbath.  Doesn’t that sound silly to us?

God is Concerned about the Heart

Jesus wasn’t caught up in the religious actions so much as He was about the heart of the matter.  Jesus is not about putting rules on someone, He is about that person’s heart and their relationship with Him and the Father in heaven.  Once the heart is right with God, the actions follow.

We need to look at what we are doing in Christianity and in churches. We need to make sure that we aren’t putting rules on people, preventing them from having a right relationship with Jesus.

Has religion stopped you from having a right relationship with God?  If so, read on how you can get help and have a right standing with God.

Have you been putting far too many rules in front of others that prevent them from coming to Jesus?

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