How to Receive God’s Blessings

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One of the most unhappy people that you will ever meet in life is the person who is trying to get and that will never give.  They don’t ever give to anyone, but they are always trying to receive.  They are the hoarder, the miser, and the non-giver.

Gods Blessings

On the converse, the happiest person, the most joyful person in life is the giver.  This person is always giving to others.  They seem the most fulfilled when they can give things away.  They look to bless other people.

God Won’t Be Outgiven

When I was a kid, I was taught this lesson in Sunday school.  I was taught that God always out gives us.  Now, I wanted to put God to the test on this principle.

I had $5 and I wanted to give it to God to see if He would truly outgive me and bless me more.  So I gave the $5 to Him (I don’t remember how, but I did it).  That very same day, as I was intently waiting for the Lord to work, I received $20 that same afternoon.

I know that is not always exactly how it works, we don’t give $100 to receive $1000 from the Lord. But the principle is there, and yes, God will not be outgiven.

Do you want the blessings of the Lord in your life? The Bible says that you pick how much God gives to you. The ball is in your court.

God is waiting to bless His children with a warehouse of blessing.  He has a whole distribution center of blessings that he is waiting to pick off of the shelf and give to us.

You Stop God’s Blessings

What restrains God from giving these blessings to us is our own hearts. If we cannot give of the blessings that He has already given to us then how can He trust us with more blessings?  If we can’t give, if He gives us more, it will hurt us, it will spoil us because we can’t handle it.

It’s like a kid.  If I give a piece of candy to a kid and they bounce off of the wall because they can’t handle one piece, I won’t give them a handful the next time.  Instead, I will withhold another piece of candy altogether.

But, If I can give to the child a piece of candy and it seems that they can handle that, I will be inclined to give them a few more the next time.  And better yet, If I give them a few pieces the next time and they eat one and go share it with their friends, I will be even more inclined to give even more to them the very next time.  I know that they can handle the responsibility of the blessings that I am about to give to them.

Do You Want Overflowing Blessings?

Do you want God to give liberally to you? Do you want Him to give to you in abundance? Then Give…The giving person always receives more blessings then they can ever give away. Give liberally to the Lord of everything. Your time, your resources, yes…your Money also.

What do you have that you have not received from God first? All we have is His…Give liberally and watch God give to you more liberally than you can ever imagine.

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