4 Reasons Our Walk with God Becomes Stale

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Our daily walk with God is the most important thing in our lives.  Our walk with God is the source of purpose in our lives.  It is the foundation in our lives for everything else that we do. If our walk with God becomes stale, then the rest of our life goes off kilter. Ever feel like your in a desert in your spiritual walk?

Walk with God

In the past month, I have become very busy with work, family, and ministry.  I have become much busier than normal.  After traveling and having commitments every day, I had begun to sense that my own walk with God was suffering.

I began to sense that I was not hearing from God as I normally would.  While the ministry and work being done was going even better than normal. My time with my family was doing great.  I could still sense that my walk with God was less than the best.

Common Problem

While talking with others, I sense that this is a common issue with many people.  Do we need to accept less than an optimal relationship with God?  I’m not convinced that our walk with God has to suffer and that it has to be common.

Done right, we should be able to keep a consistent and spectacular walk with God without it diminishing.

There seem to be people whose walks with God never seem to diminish.  They seem to keep the awe and wonder of God in their lives. Here are some common reasons.

Some Reasons that Our Walk with God Becomes Stale

  1. We are Too Busy – We allow too many commitments to creep into our lives. We lose the margin in our lives.  We begin to run from one thing to another, never slowing down to have time for God.

    During busy times, prayer time can seem rushed or self-focused and the time reading the Bible seems less engaging. Instead of making our time with God just another “to do”, solidify time early in the morning to spend with Him. Or make sure you schedule time in your day to spend time with God and keep that appointment.

  2. Our Time with God isn’t Consistent – If your time with God is inconsistent, your walk with Him will be like that also. The amount and consistency of our time with God correlates directly with our quality of relationship with Him.

    To cultivate a good relationship, there must be quality and quantity of time spent with that person.  Our relationship with God is no different.

  3. We Lose Focus – There are times where we lose focus of the most important things in our lives. Our walk with God is no different.  If something else becomes a priority in my life, there is the danger of that thing becoming THE priority in my life instead.

    I need to keep my relationship with God as number one in my life.  Any time this gets out of balance, my entire life seems to become imbalanced.

  4. Sin – There can be times where we have sin in our lives. If there is something that we are doing wrong and it is not surrendered to God, it begins to get in the way our relationship with God.

    This principle is similar to all relationships.  If I do something wrong to another person, a barrier begins to build between me and them.  Unless it’s addressed, that barrier continues to block our relationship.

    This principle is present in our relationship with God.  Because all sin is against God, any sin present in our life blocks us from having the best relationship with God that is possible.

Keep On Target

If we can keep our priorities on target, we shouldn’t have any trouble keeping a strong walk with God.  We want to keep our relationship strong and vibrant with God and receiving from Him. We want to stay close to Him, hearing from Him, and sensing His presence in our lives.

To do that, Let’s keep regular, un-distracted time with God and confessing any sin that we become aware of. The ball is in our court. He wants nothing more than to be close with us.

Has your relationship with God ever become stale?

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  • Heath Perry

    I know this is a tough topic to discuss. Anyone else go through this? Are there other reasons that you experienced that I may have missed?