Real Followers vs Fake Followers of Jesus

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There is a difference between real and fake followers of Jesus.  Jesus makes this clear and the apostles also made this clear.  Those who continue in Jesus’ words, who keep His commands are followers of Jesus.

Real Follwers vs Fake Follwers of Jesus

Many “sports fans” are casual at best.  They rarely go to their team’s games, once in a great while will watch one with friends, but they are really not into the games themselves.  These are the fake fans, they just want to be included. The fake fans rely on others to fill them in on the information about the team.

There are other fans who would watch or be at every game if they could and they try.  These are the fans that know the details of the team, who plays in each position and can also name the bench or second string and sometimes third string players.

They have the shirts and the stickers on their cars and they know where the team is in the standings. They are real followers of their teams.  These people are those who share the information from what they have seen and experienced first-hand.  They continue with their team and follow them closely.

Did you know that Jesus made the same distinction for followers of Him? There are those who say they are followers of Jesus and there are those who actually follow Him.

Fake Followers of Jesus

Many say they are followers of Jesus because they want eternal fire insurance.  They live their lives for themselves but never actually change.  They sit in the seats and listen but never act upon what they hear.  These people are like the casual fans in sports.

They let others tell them the accounts of what its like to follow Jesus but they never see it first-hand.  They rarely read the Bible on their own or have personal prayer time.  These are the “followers of Jesus” who continue to struggle with sin and problems in their lives and are never set free.

Real Followers of Jesus

Jesus says that those who continue in His Word, those are the real followers.  The distinction is that there are people who say they are followers and there are people who read and listen to Jesus’ words and follow what He says.

The real followers of Jesus are the ones who do what He says.  They know first-hand from His word, the Bible what He says.  They know Him personally through prayer and fellowship with Him.

They don’t forsake the gathering together and going to church.  They want to fellowship with the other believers there and encourage each other for Him.

Continue in His Word to be Followers of Jesus

Only for those who continue in Jesus’ words are the ones who will know the truth and they will be set free from sin and bondage.

Are you faking it?  Unlike sports fans, you cannot be a casual follower of Jesus Christ.  You are either a follower or a faker.  Be followers of Jesus.  Draw close to Jesus, His word, and continue in Him.  Those who continue in Him and His word are His.

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