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This will kick-off a series of devotional posts that I will write from time to time.  I am hoping that these can be inspirational and encouraging to you.  Most importantly, I hope that these will expound the truths of the Word of God that may apply to our lives. The first post that I included is from Colossians 3:14, to put on love.

Dusting off Old Post

I began this series of devotional posts on Love in the Bible in the beginning of last year.  I had great hopes of keeping the posts going each day, but my dedication and time quickly waned for the project.

This will kick off the devotional posts and will pickup the project back up here with re-posting the first few that I already posted onto facebook at the time.  I hope that they encourage you and also that it sparks me to write more of these.

This was originally intent was to write 365 of these on love, I have no intention of sticking to that schedule or that quantity.  I may do some on love, while I may do other devotional posts on other topics as the Holy Spirit leads.

Blast from the Past – January 2016

It’s a new year and with a new year, we like to think of the changes that we would like to make in our lives. For some, they want to change a habit, to do less of something, or to hit a specific goal. Diets and working out are popular ones to go after. For me, this year, I want more love in my life.

No, I am not revisiting the 60’s and 70’s, but this will be the year of love for me. I don’t want more of just any love in my life but I want more of the Love of Jesus Christ in my life.

I want to become aware of, experience, share with others, and let shine through my life the Love of Jesus more than I ever have before.

To help, I would like to share Bible verses this year that talk about the love of God and the love of Jesus Christ.

With 804 Bible verses that speak to love, it shouldn’t be hard to find. What better way to spend it than to invest it in love!

Put on Love

When dealing with people, I have learned one thing…That they are not perfect.

In fact, in the light of our own eyes they can be rude, hurtful, trying, and the list goes on, when we are looking at things in our own eyes.

But, if you are walking in the love of Jesus Christ, there is a different filter that we look at the world through. We see their hurts, their struggles, and problems.

This perspective of Christ allows our hearts to melt, to be patient in all circumstances, and to share the love of Christ with that person.

If you are walking in the love of Christ, loving Jesus first, and letting Him share His love with you, there is nothing that you cannot endure.

The next verse goes on to say to let the peace of God rule in your hearts. Those who let the love of Christ rule in our hearts are the only ones who have true peace as God’s love permeates your life.

Do you want peace?

God bless and walk in the love of Jesus!

What are some ways that you can put on Love?

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