Two Things You Can Do to Go Deeper with God

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There are a few phrases floating around in the Christian lingo. One that I’ve heard quite a bit is to Go deeper with God. I’ve even sang the words in church. Have you ever wondered what that meant? Is that even a thing?

Go Deeper with God

When I go swimming, I hate the part of getting in. I’ve used all of the methods, jumping in to get used to the water quickly, getting splashed by others (not by choice and dislike it a lot), and starting in the shallow water and walking to the deeper area.

Whatever the method, there is only one way that you can swim, to get wet. You can’t stay dry and swim, your body has to be immersed in water to swim.

Similarly, we talk about going deeper with God as if there are many ways to experience God.

Just like swimming, to be with God, you are either dry or wet. To be with God, you are either having access to God through Jesus or you don’t. It’s the difference between believing in Jesus or not. The door is unlocked and open or locked and shut. There is no in between.

Access to God

Positionally, when we receive Christ into our lives, the barrier between us and the Father is opened. There is nothing more that we have to do. Our access to God is not dependent on how good we are.

There aren’t days where the door is open because I did good and the door is closed because I have been extra bad. The person who removes the barrier is Jesus and by His work that He has already done.

Our Heavenly Father isn’t accepting of us one moment and a complete stranger the next. It would be odd for earthly relationships to be like this. Our relationship with the Father is no different.

Yours and my relationship with the Father is completely dependent on Jesus’ actions that He already took.

Pleasing God

Although, we can please or displease God with our actions. We can honor our Heavenly Father or disappoint Him. This is different than losing access to Him.

Our pleasing God is dependent on our actions that we take. True that we cannot please God without Jesus. But our actions, when they are contrary to the law of God can still displease Him. This is why Paul cried out, “oh wretched man that I am, who will save me from this body of death.”

Go Deeper with God

The question then becomes, can I go deeper with my relationship with God?

Positionally, No. You can’t do any better positionally than what Christ did already. You already have access to the throne room of God. In other words, you are in the pool swimming.

Relationally, Yes. We can do more to be holy, look to eradicate sin, and spend more time with Him. We can seek to know Him more. It is not about Him knowing us as He knows everything about us. It is all about us getting to know Him and His nature.

So, if we want to use the phrase, to Go deeper with God, then I think it is OK. Let’s use it in the way to mean that we are drawing close to God by getting to know Him more and by ridding our lives of the things that do not please Him.

What do you think about using the phrase, to Go Deeper with God?

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