Do This One Thing To Always Succeed

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Whatever you do will prosper! You won’t fail. You will be successful. Anything that you put your effort to or take a risk on doing, it will be a hit. You will always succeed! That’s a promise!

How to Always Succeed, Why You Can't Fail

I have a little metal paperweight that reads, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?” I find much encouragement in that.

Not because I can’t fail. I can and I have many times. I find encouragement in that because God says that I won’t fail.

Let me explain. In my own power, knowledge, and wisdom (or lack of), I fail often. I have made decisions on my own where a plan falls apart. The house of cards that I built, falls to the ground with a slight wind of adversity.  I am left picking up the pieces.

You Can Always Succeed

Can you imagine living in a state where everything you do, succeeds? For some, they think that it’s not attainable. But success in all you do, can be done!

With God as our foundation and the one behind the plan, we cannot fail! Our foundation needs to be God’s instruction, what He says. If we do, we will always succeed.

His instruction needs to become so ingrained in us that we are meditating on it day and night. We need to be thinking about and living by it.

Who we are and need to become, needs to be directed by what God says.  We need to live by God’s Word which is the Bible.

Don’t let me lose you here! I know that succeeding sounds great. But I know that changing and living my whole life according to God’s Word sounds Daunting!

I agree, it seems like that. But God does not ask us to do it all at once. He also doesn’t ask us to go it alone.

You are not alone in this journey! Did you know that you were already on this path? Whether you knew it or not, you begin this path when you decided to follow Jesus.

Since you are already on this path and let’s face it, it’s tough! Why not read on a little and find out what it takes to be successful in this path.

It doesn’t take as much effort on our part as you think. In fact, it is very simple.

You set the pace!

The pace is set by us. We have a choice in how fast we want to grow in the Lord and how slow.

Some of us want it all at once and some of us are timid and want it much slower. As you work through this journey with God, He listens to you and allows you to choose the pace. You can always change the pace later.

The important part is to keep moving. Through the Holy Spirit, He helps us directly on this path.

Are you ready to Grow? Will you decide to bear fruit in the Lord? Are you ready to stop stunting the growth in your life? Are you ready to move?

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