Living Out Your Faith From the Stage

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There comes a time in our lives that the stories that we’ve heard become real and personal. No longer are the stories of someone else’s life and faith lived out in front of you, but it becomes real, it becomes personal, and the stories are of your walk and faith and life. It’s time to begin living out your faith.

Living Out Your Faith From the Stage

I’d heard stories of the pastor’s in the Calvary Chapel Movement who had faith in the Lord and how God moved mightily to begin their fellowships or did miracles in their midst. I’d heard stories of how they had to rely on the Lord for everything. We began experiencing the same thing two years ago.

All I had was a calling from the Lord and a life willing to submit to Him. It seemed like enough and my naivety was a gift as I didn’t know what I was heading into. All I knew from the Lord was that I was to start a church.

My Call to Take A Larger Role On Stage

After six months having a Bible Study in my home that was attended by two people, we put out newspaper press releases and flyers. We had people begin to come out on a weekly basis on a Wednesday Night. Two months later we had no place to go as the room we were renting was no longer available.

God provided the same day for us. He gave us a space for free for six months while the longer-term space that He had for us was being renovated. We had started Sunday services and people were coming more regularly and the Lord has been moving.

I now see first-hand how the Lord moves and works when He wants to begin a work. We are still relying on Him to build His church as should all churches. It is His church, His problem to build it, His problem to provide for it. It never was our problem as we are His body.

In John, the Samaritan woman had believed in Jesus and went and told the town about Jesus. I love the response of the people as they first believe because of her story, but later believe in Jesus because of what Jesus had did directly in their lives.

You Living Out Your Faith

This is a natural progression of faith in our lives. At first, we believe because we see faith worked out in someone else’s life. We see the miracle that Jesus has done, and we are curious.

There needs to be a transition in our faith. There needs to be a transition that goes from seeing someone else live out their faith to seeing Jesus affect our lives directly.  We need to begin living out our faith in direct contact with Jesus.

It’s the difference of being part of the audience to being on the stage. True faith is the difference from this being someone else’s faith, to being your faith and your personal walk with the Lord and you beginning to live it out.  We need to be the ones on stage, letting others see that our faith and walk with the Lord is real.

Let’s look to live by faith, to being on the stage instead of in the audience. Let’s wait on the Lord to see what miracles He may do in our lives.

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