For the Life that’s Desolate, Never Thirst Again

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The spiritually thirsty, the destitute, the broken, the bankrupt, the hurting, the life that’s desolate, and the damaged are the ones that Jesus calls to.  He says anyone can come who is thirsty.  What is your spiritual state?  Do you have the living water that will quench your spiritual thirst?  If so, you will never thirst again.

For the Life that's Desolate, Never Thirst Again

Jesus points out in this passage those who will respond to Him.  It is those who have a spiritual need.  Those who recognize their position, that they are bankrupt and destitute.

Who Jesus is Calling To

He cried out, not to the religious leaders, not to the ones who were self-righteous, but to those that were broken, hurting, outcasts.  Those who responded to His call were those who recognized their need for help.

Those today who are broken are the ones that respond to Christ’s call.  They are the ones that also recognize their need for a Savior.  Before someone can come to Christ, they first must recognize their helpless position.  Without this recognition, someone will not come and cannot come in the correct way.

Those Who Respond – Those who Never Thirst Again

Those who are spiritually thirsty and come to Christ, find that their thirst is quenched for good.  They no longer have hole to fill, a need to suffice, and this immense thirst to quench.  Many today are trying to fill this hole, this thirst with anything.  They are searching to fulfill this endless need.

People fill their lives with their career, getting a degree, getting married, having kids, graduating their kids, getting grand kids, or obtaining money and things.  What they find at the end is what Solomon calls vanity.

Life, apart from Jesus Christ is a dead end or vanity.  There is no hope of fulfillment in this life apart from Jesus Christ. There is a vast emptiness for those without Jesus Christ.

Jesus cries out today as He did before, ‘If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. The one who believes in me, as the Scripture has said, will have streams of living water flow from deep within him.’ You will never be desolate again, you will never thirst again.

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