Is God Good or Evil?

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I have heard this question wrestled with lately. Is God good or evil? Does He perhaps have a mix of good and evil? Does He have a side of Him that is sadistic, liking to see people suffer?

Is God Good or Evil?

This question comes up more often today because of the pervasive humanistic thought that has eroded our society. If you come from a humanistic point of view, then you get these questions of God being good or evil. Whether He intends good and bad for us for His pleasure.

If we are going to think of this rightly though, we must come to a couple of foundational truths. They are that God is eternal, God is perfect and good, and God made everything that is in existence, including people.

The God that is Eternal

Because God is eternal, He has always existed, even before there was the time & space continuum. If God was the only being in existence prior to people, time, space, and matter then God must be perfect and good. God cannot be evil or have evil in him as He was the only being and by being the only being, His character would stand alone. Since His character stands alone, He is therefore good.

God is not capable of evil. He is not capable to go against His very nature. He cannot go against Himself. Since everything ultimately was created by God and He is the origin of everything, It also had to be good when it began.

The God that is Not Evil

Evil therefore would have to be something that would go against the character of God. Evil came into being when His creation that He gave a free will to, began to rebel against His character. This happened when Satan rebelled. For the world it happened when Adam rebelled.

The choice to rebel against God was evil, because they went against the one and only perfect being. Adam rebelling caused evil to exist in his descendants, causing this strain of evil and rebellion to become existent in every person born from his lineage…that is every human being ever to live.

So what we have is an eternal, perfectly good God with a creation that is less than what He has designated it to be. God’s creation was perfect and good as He was and has become tarnished because of Adam’s decision.

When evil entered the world, it change God’s creation from that of being good to that of having a corrupt strain in it. The world ever since has been deteriorating, where God’s creation was perfect when He had at first created it.

The Rebellion Against God

This is why we say that we live in a fallen world now. A world that is less than what God intended it to be. The pain and suffering that comes from the deterioration is not God’s fault, rather He has devised the antidote which He has put into action. We once again have a choice to follow God or to Rebel. Many choose to rebel, perpetuating the problem of evil.

Is God good or evil?  God is good and His nature is good.

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