The Testimony of Heath Perry and of God’s Grace and Love

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Hi! My name is Heath Perry and I Pastor at Calvary Cross Church, a church in the heart of Fond du Lac, WI. I am bi-vocational with my tent-making being as an Information Technology Manager.  I love to write, speak, and pastor for the Lord. He is my first love which makes me passionate to share about Him any way that I can.

Heath Perry’s Early Years

Growing up in a split home, I was blessed to spend most of my early years at Calvary Chapel Downey, Christian School and Church. The middle of my teenage years, I bobbed between church and rebellion. After an arrest and threat of Juvenile hall, it scared me enough and I decided to make a commitment for Christ.

Early Ministry Years

I went into Bible College and then into the ministry as a Youth Pastor. While serving in the ministry, I let a lack of spiritual discipline and sin get me in a position that pride and bitterness took root. Regrettably, I walked away from church, ministry, and the Lord for over 10 years.

Turn Around

During this time, I became successful in the IT field at great personal cost, and it nearly killed me. I had a heart attack which made me realize the spiritual situation that I was in. I committed my life back to the Lord as He began to clean up my life all over again.

God’s Restoration

Then, God took me and began working the spiritual disciplines into my life. He cleaned up my sin and helped me to learn what it was to walk with Him. He showed me His Grace and taught me about His Love.  He retaught me the scriptures and established a ministry for me to teach and help others.

In 2015, We began a Bible Study in our home. Several months later, it moved to a temporary location before we moved the ministry to Main Street in Fond du Lac.

Today, God has blessed us our church in Downtown Fond du Lac where we have weekly services on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Evenings.

We look forward to the next chapter in our lives and the ministry to see what the Lord will do!

God’s Restoration of You

Go to my page on how to Get Help! to find out more about the same Grace and Love that God has had in my life.