Grand Canyon – Alone time with God

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Have you ever had an awe-inspiring event?  One that will always be etched into your memory?  Have you had one that included God creation?  These are the most spectacular for me, when I see God’s creation in its absolute awesomeness.

Heath Perry - Grand Canyon

For me, one of the most awe-inspiring events was spending time with God alone at the Grand Canyon’s edge.  It simply gives one a perspective of how great and big of a God that we love and serve.  It was an amazing moment for me.

My Trip to the Edge

As I stood there on the lip of the Grand Canyon, the stars were still out and you could see them all there.  There was nothing to cover the magnificent stars that God had made.  Above me the countless stars and below me, a great chasm that was about to reveal its mysteries.

We had gotten to the Grand Canyon Village the night before, just after sundown.  We had missed the spectacular view of the sunset hitting the canyon walls.  I was planning on not missing the sunrise over the canyon.  I wasn’t prepared with trail maps that morning, but knew that there was a rim trail that skirted the South Rim.

So, I set out before sunrise.  The skies were still dark before 6am.  The sunrise was due at 6:22 this Brisk November Morning.  I didn’t know the exact road to take, but I knew the direction to go.  Worst Case, I would stumble upon it, I am sure that I would recognize a huge hole in the ground if I missed all other signs.  After all, I did have a flashlight.

The Journey – Finding my way to the Grand Canyon

After starting out a couple of directions, I decided to follow the main road past the Grand Canyon Park Headquarters.  I spotted a sign directly after that for the rim trail.  Bingo!  I took that.

As I set out this morning, I prayed during the hike, glorifying God of His wonderous work.  I was awestruck during this hike.  I was struck by one interesting thought, since He made this earth, sky, and stars and that all of this was His work.  There was nothing that He can’t do. Since it was in His power to create all of this, it is nothing at all for Him to move and work in my life.  That single thought removes all doubt and worry.  He has the power to do all of this, then He has the power to work in and through my life.

As I sat there at the edge of the canyon, marveling at God’s creation of the stars, I marveled yet again as the darkness turned to light, revealing His marvelous act of creating the canyon.  Yes, His tool this time was the use of huge amounts of water sometime after creation and the flood.  It is nonetheless amazing to see the work that God does through the physics that He created.  He created the laws like gravity and physics and uses them to play out His purposes.

Rejecting the Truth, They Believe a Lie

Looking down at the ground, people have put little plates around the rim stating the something else is at play.  The plaque states that 990 million years ago, processes are at place.  You see, they have tried replacing God with Man’s work. They have set people up as a God, at the end of an evolutionary timeline with only guesses to how creation got here.

Their story must change though, since their guesses and theories are always wrong and when proven so, they change the story to fit the latest information that they hold. Their rejection of God has blinded them to the truth.  Any outcome to them is better than the admission that there is an almighty and Holy God who hold all life in His hands.

Grand Canyon – Alone with God

My favorite times at camps and on vacations is to find special places to sneak off to, places that are secluded where I can enjoy God’s creation.  It is in these times of silence before an awesome God, in a secluded place that I find the most refreshing in the Lord. These times of seclusion are refreshing because they allow me to sit quietly before God in prayer.

It is no wonder that the gospels record several of these times where Jesus sought seclusion in prayer and for a time of refreshment. It is important to remember to take some time, whether it be close by or far away to seek seclusion with the Lord.  We can’t always work, but we need to be refilled.  The time to be refilled is in our private time with God.

When was the last time that you were alone with the almighty and Holy God?

He is beckoning for you to spend some quiet time with Him and to enjoy the creation that He has made.

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