God’s Power in My Life

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There is a noticeable power vacuum lately. This is NOT a political statement.  I am not even talking about the lack of strong leadership around us.  There is a noticeable power vacuum with a lack of God’s Power in people’s lives.

God's Power in My Life

Look around you. If you notice what I have noticed lately, there are people in despair. People have no hope of overcoming the problems in their lives.

They have tried man’s wisdom and it hasn’t worked. People are looking for power in their lives and they will go anywhere to find it.

Searching for Power

A guy in his early 20’s knocked on my door yesterday.  You know this guy.  He is the one who knocks on your door asking to give a free estimate for some home repairs.  He wanted to setup an appointment to have someone look at our bathroom, doors, windows, or likely anything that would get him the appointment.

As he knocked on the door, our family was eating dinner.  Normally, I would shoo the person away, especially because our family had sat down to eat dinner.  This time was different.

Seeing him at the door, I jumped up. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to go ask him about his relationship with God. I then hustled to the door, opened it, and stepped outside with the guy.

He gave me his sales pitch as I smiled and nodded and when he finished, I told him that we didn’t need any remodeling at this time. I then asked him, “How is your walk with God doing?”

This question impacted him more than I had expected.  But God had an appointment for him to come to my door.  He asked if we could sit and talk more about this.

I invited him into the living room and sat and talked with him while my family ate dinner. We began to talk about God and the Bible.

He shared his background of being a strong Christian in a Christian School.  He then shared how he began to doubt, walked away from the faith, and now does meditation and has experienced demonic power (my words), seeing his friend levitate and experiencing other power through the meditation and other practices that he has been into.

Experiencing God’s Power

I challenged him to allow God to reveal Himself and God’s power to Him.  He agreed to be open to that and he agreed to read the book of John.  He also allowed me to follow up with him.

As he left, he wanted to know why I asked him about his relationship with God.  I told him that when he knocked on the door and I was still at the table, God had told me to.  He was intrigued by that.

He is looking for power in his life. He had the knowledge of God and as I talked with him, he knew most of it. But not experiencing a direct relationship and power in his life, he has gone elsewhere to look for it.  The demonic forces are more than happy to show people their power which counterfeits the true power of God.

What this person did not know is that we as Christians can experience the direct power of God in our lives through the Holy Spirit.  God’s direct power in our lives can be seen and experienced.  It is readily available to us.

There are three ways that we see God’s direct power at work in our lives today.

Experience God’s Power in Your Life

  • God’s Power Over Sin – It is only through His power that sin has been overcome.  Without Him in our life, we are powerless against sin.  With Him in our lives, we are overcomers.

    I have seen in my own life and countless others, where God has healed sin in peoples lives.  Without His power, people are in despair over their sin.

  • God’s Power to Heal – No knock on doctors, but God is the master physician.  He is the healer.  I have also seen countless people healed. 

    This is a duty of a pastor and church leader to pray for those who are sick.  It is not just through leaders as I have seen healing done by God using ordinary people.

    Healing comes through faith in God.  Jesus often asked if the person believed before He healed them.

  • Power Through the Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit was specifically given to us to empower us. You can read about the power of the Holy Spirit in Acts and what He did through the Apostles lives. 

    This same power is present in the church today.  We lack the power because we don’t ask.  We don’t have it because we don’t ask for it.

God’s Power in Your Life

This guy is searching for power in his life.  What he is seeking is God’s power.  What people are seeking today is not weak Christianity. 

They are seeking for power also. When people see and experience that power through believers who sell out to God, lay hold of the promises of God, and live in the power of the Holy Spirit, it will change their lives.

It will change your life also.  There is nothing else like seeing God’s power working directly through you for His glory.  If you don’t have this power, it’s because you have not sought this power in your life.

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