Following Jesus, At All Cost

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There are costs to do every activity in life.  Each endeavor costs us time, money, and other opportunities.  There is limited time and resources in life.  Those resources will run out. When we follow Jesus it will be at all cost.

Pickup Your Cross and Follow Jesus

If I choose to watch a football game, it is costing me the opportunity to do another activity.  If I am hired at one job full time, I can’t be hired at their competitor doing the same thing.  I can’t agree to every opportunity that comes along because I would run out of one of these resources.

In our limited resources that we have, what will you be spending them on?  What matters to you in this life enough to spend your resources on?  What, will it cost you to follow and serve the Lord?

To Follow the Lord, It Must Cost You Something

[Reference to 2 Samuel 24:24]

Being the king who came to him, Araunah was pleased to offer David the threshing floor and the sacrifice to do the offering that was required by David to do.  David knew better than to accept, even though it was a kindhearted gift.  David knew that to follow the Lord and to be obedient, that it needed to cost him something.

Think about the last gift that you purchased for someone.  Say you were buying jewelry for someone special.  You went to the jewelry store and saw an expensive Diamond necklace.  Let’s say it costs $5,000.

Now let’s say that you go down to the store and instead of selling it to you, they said that they want to give you the necklace.  That may make you very happy because that is a lot of money.  Now once you tell that person that you were giving it to that you didn’t have to pay anything for it, doesn’t that somehow cheapen the gift?

The fact is that the necklace didn’t cost you anything, so it somehow becomes less valuable as a gift.  You still gave a $5,000 necklace to the person. They will still be happy to receive it, but you don’t get the credit for the full $5,000 purchase since you didn’t do anything for it.  It didn’t cost you anything.

If your gift to the Lord doesn’t cost you anything, it’s better that you don’t give it.  Following the Lord must cost you something.  When you come to Christ, you can’t keep the same life that you had before, there must be a change.

With Commitment, There is Change

There is a commitment that your life now belongs to Him.  Without a changed life, there is no following Christ.  These two are connected.

There is a false gospel being preached today.  This false gospel is sending people to hell because they are being deceived.  Those preaching this false gospel are piloting the plane that is bringing these people to hell with a first-class ticket.

The false gospel is that of not having to change your life nor do anything different to follow Jesus.  That you can live the same lifestyle, not disrupt anything to follow Christ.  It’s the Convenient Christianity and it’s a false hope, a deception.

There is not just a minor cost to following the Lord.  It doesn’t just cost you something.  To follow Jesus, it is at all cost.  This is not just picking up a hobby once a week on Sundays.  It is life changing and is lifestyle changing to follow.

Where there is no fruit change there is no change in tree.  There must be fruit to proves that there is a change. Only Christ Jesus can change the type of tree that we are.  From this change, the type of fruit begins to change in our lives (Galatians 5:16-26)

To Follow the Lord, It Must Cost You Everything

Alan Redpath, in his book, Victorious Christian Service, says “Only insofar as every part of your life is adjusted to God in every detail can God achieve His purpose through you, and only as He achieves His purpose through you will your life be successful in the truest sense of the word”.  Redpath points out that only a life wholly yielded to God is the only successful one.  Earlier in the chapter, he writes that for us to run our and do anything without submission to God and asking Him His will for our lives is sinful.

When a person commits their life to Christ, we are choosing to put our entire life into submission to the Lord.  If you hold back anything, you are not in submission.  We are the doulos which is Greek for willing slaves of Christ, given over to whatever He wants for our lives.

Without this submission to Christ, we are not His.  It is a requirement to give all to Him and not just part.  It is therefore sinful for Christian to choose their own will and not submitting their own actions and decisions to Christ in everything.

Here are some scripture to read and pray over:

Drop everything and follow Jesus – Matthew 8:19-22, Luke 9:57-62

Follow Jesus, at all cost. – Matthew 10:37-39, Luke 14:25-35

We have left everything to follow Jesus, our rewards in heaven are great for doing so. – Matthew 19:27, Mark 10:28, Luke 18:28

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