How to Discuss Jesus with Your Kids

Influencing Your Children to Follow Christ

The single most crucial decisions that any of us can make is to follow Jesus. It is equally as vital for your kids to make this decision. Many of us neglect this discussion which tells your kids that it is not important. I think it is critical to discuss Jesus with your kids regularly.

Discuss Jesus with Your Kids

I remember the day that I decided to impact my kids for the Lord. For me, it was when I was laying on my back in the ICU.

I made a promise to God at that moment to teach my kids about the Lord. I decided that one of my main goals in life was going to be to influence my kids for Jesus.

There has been follow through to influence my kids for God and to have them walk with Him. I am happy to announce that each one has professed faith in Jesus.

I don’t feel like my job is done as the enemy would like nothing more than to rip them off from God’s joy.

Because I am concerned for them and how their walks are with God, I continue to discuss Jesus with them. It is the most important thing in their lives and so it is vitally important that I discuss it with them often.

How to Discuss Jesus with Your Kids

As I looked at it, it would be a tragedy for me to have a walk with the Lord, get to heaven and not have done everything possible to show my kids how to have a walk with God.

I decided that I would talk with my kids often about their walk with the Lord.  For me, it is a very simple conversation with them. I have it often and sometimes several times a week with them.

I have these conversations with them anywhere, while life happens. It can happen while we are sitting on the couch, riding in the car, or doing chores around the house. I bring up the Lord in a lot of different ways.

The discussions last from a few seconds to 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. It doesn’t take long, but the eternal impact that it makes is huge.

What to Say When You Discuss Jesus with Your Kids

  • Have you read your Bible today?
  • Have you Prayed?
  • What did you read in the Bible today?
  • Do you know what the most important thing in life is?…to follow Jesus.
  • Do you love Jesus?
  • If you did nothing else in life, except follow Jesus, I would be happy.
  • I think it’s great that you follow, love, trust, obey, Jesus.

You get the point. The goal is to show them how important this is to you and to them.

The Purpose You Should Discuss Jesus with Your Kids

  1. It is the most important topic in their life
  2. It plants seeds that will grow over a lifetime
  3. Kids can make a decision for the Lord early in life
  4. They need to see you live out your faith also, this means what you talk about also

How Have or can you spark a discussion about the Lord with your Kids?

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  • Heath Perry

    Does anything hold you back from discussing Jesus with your kids?

  • Brian H. Barlow

    Good stuff. Great goals. Other than one’s relationship with, and personal ministry to the Lord, and then one’s spouse, there is nothing more important that raising up one’s children in the future and admonition of the Lord.
    You are absolutely correct in saying that the Adversary is constantly on the prowl to try to rip off everything you are seeking to implant within your children. The very best a person can do is be prayerfully vigilant on their behalf (Job 1:5). One’s children are a heritage from the Lord, arrows in one’s quiver, on loan from the Lord, for they ultimately belong to Him (again, Job).
    As we parents watch our children grow into adulthood, and either own (or turn from) the faith of their fathers, we must pray for them all the more – sometimes from a broken heart – hoping in the principle of Scripture that says if we train up our children in the way they should go, when they are old they will not depart from it (Prov. 22:6).
    May we see raised up, in these last days, a generation of Daniel’s and Deborah’s, Ezekiel’s and Esther’s, and of Timothy’s whose grandmother and mother passed on the faith to Tim (II Tim. I:5; 3:13-15)…and how much more powerful and effectual when we grandfathers and dads are an active part of the equation!

    • Heath Perry

      Great insights as well, Brian. You are right. Praying for our kids is a huge part of it also! It is something that I do constantly.

      • Brian H. Barlow

        I know you do. Keep keeping on! The flavor of my comments are from the heart of a father of prodigals, hoping and praying for their return to the Lord, and for repair and restoration of family ties.