A Brief Introduction to the Gospels

Audio Message given by Pastor Heath Perry at Calvary Cross Church

Reading Time: 6 minutes


Gospel of Matthew

As we talk about the different gospels, each one kind of has a different perspective or story.  You go, “Why is there four gospels; written by four different people (obviously)?” But also for four different targets and four different methods or approaches they had for writing the Gospels. As we go through the Gospels these couple of years, let’s keep in mind just the perspective that they took.

Matthew, by the way, doesn’t ever say his name so some have questioned whether Matthew wrote it. Of course he did. Other early church fathers all ascribed Matthew to him. He was one of the first Gospels written. He was a tax collector.

He approaches Matthew (this gospel of his) about the Lord as a lawyer. He’s not a lawyer, but he really takes into account the Old Testament and the proving that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. He has over one hundred different references to the Old Testament. Many are quotes exactly from the Old Testament and point to Jesus as the fulfillment of that.

He’s really a lawyer making a case for the Messiah; Jesus as the messiah (here it is). He will bring up a verse and then explain in his show in the story how Jesus is the fulfillment of that scripture in the Old Testament.  And so it’s a great transition book from the Old Testament to the new as we look at the gospels. Matthew is looking to give proof for Jesus’ Messiahship. Let’s look at this and we’re going to have a lot of cross references to the Old Testament through Matthew as he makes the case for Jesus as the Messiah.