Praise of God, Not of Man

Today, self-esteem and “self-love” reign in the thought process of what is thought of as right.  If it makes you feel good, then it is OK for you to do.  But conversely, it is not popular to follow Jesus. It is popular to seek the praise of people, not the praise of God.

Praise of God, Don't Think Positive

Oh, it is OK to follow the “positive” Jesus, to be religious and positive. To teach all of Jesus’ teachings and to including the negative aspects is thought of as unloving and that somehow you harbor hatred.

Seeking People’s Praise

In Jesus’ day, people believed in Jesus but did not want to follow Him because they were afraid of what the religious leaders of the day would think.

If they followed Jesus, they would have been ostracized by their town and synagogue.  They didn’t follow Jesus because they loved something more than Jesus.

People then loved their own status in society.  They loved the feeling of acceptance and praise by their peers.

People are OK with those who want to be religious and follow a set of beliefs in this society.  They are OK with it if it is positive on the outside.

Follow Jesus to Get the Praise of God

I find that when you venture out and truly follow Jesus as the Bible teaches, there will be some people whom you will offend.

They might disapprove of you to the point of distancing themselves from you.  Even today, we must choose between people’s praise or God’s praise.  Our choice is to follow Jesus.

It is infinitely better to have God pleased with us than to have people pleased with us.  It is better to receive His eternal praise instead of people’s temporary praise.

The praise of people is fleeting and can change from day to day, it is only temporary.  The praise of God is eternal and will last forever.

Remember, Jesus was praised by people a week before they shouted “crucify Him”.  Jesus sought the praise of God, the Father.  Let’s follow Jesus and seek the praise of God, the Father in Heaven.

So, let’s love the praise of God and we will not have to be concerned about the praise of man.

What’s some of things that we do to receive the praise of people?

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Hidden Content

Two Titles of Pastors Used in Churches Today

Think, for a moment, about titles that we give people. There are many titles that we use. Some are endearing, some titles hold authority, and others seem to have both properties. There are some titles of pastors that I would like to discuss today.

Titles of Pastors, Shepherds

I had a leader show me once what the difference between titles was. They pointed out the fact that our placement above our employees gave us the title of boss. The better title to shoot for was leader, but that one had to be earned.


Love is to Take up the Cross

We see a lot of things in our day.  Today, we are often overstimulated.  Are we we seeing people like Jesus sees them?  Jesus sees us in light of the cross.  To love is to take up the cross.

Looking at Our Lives

I have read and heard this story in Mark chapter ten so many times from my childhood until now.  Something struck me different today about this account in Mark.

I realized that a certain description was given about the account here in Mark that is not present in Matthew and Luke who recorded the same account.

Mark records that Jesus looked at him and loved him.  What a powerful statement here that Jesus looked at him. I imagine that Jesus was sizing up where this person’s heart stood, and then He loved him. I imagine that even with the faults that Jesus saw in him that He was going to be loving to him.


Our Identity

Our identity is a topic that many are discussing today. It seems that many are confused as to who they are. Many do not seem comfortable in their own skins. Let’s look at what God says our identity is.

Our Identity

Teenage years are an awkward time. I experimented with many things as I was growing up. My ultimate search was looking for truth and who I was.  As I struggled in looking for my identity, I was confused at times and often made the wrong decisions.

Many today are just as confused. As a society, we have lost our foundation. Truth seems to be at a premium and it is difficult to know who is telling the truth.  When truth is lost, so is identity.


Live Unoffended in an Offensive World

How to React On Social Media to Negative Comments

I wrote a couple of simple lines on Facebook. Some emotions ran high. Unexpected comments came in.  I had no idea that a simple statement would cause this.  Sound familiar?

Live Unoffended in an Offensive World

I am reminded how so many people online can come across combative. There are countless times when I have seen outright attacks or comments that are misaligned.  In a time when information flies quickly across our screens and our reactions seem just as quick, we can become quickly offended.


Put on Love

This will kick-off a series of devotional posts that I will write from time to time.  I am hoping that these can be inspirational and encouraging to you.  Most importantly, I hope that these will expound the truths of the Word of God that may apply to our lives. The first post that I included is from Colossians 3:14, to put on love.

Dusting off Old Post

I began this series of devotional posts on Love in the Bible in the beginning of last year.  I had great hopes of keeping the posts going each day, but my dedication and time quickly waned for the project.

This will kick off the devotional posts and will pickup the project back up here with re-posting the first few that I already posted onto facebook at the time.  I hope that they encourage you and also that it sparks me to write more of these.