Overwhelmed? How to Reset When Life Becomes too Much

We all need a time to reset, take a step back, and to get a breather. Maybe you are finding yourself overwhelmed with tasks, with more to do than hours in a day, week, a year. You don’t know how you are going to do it. Completely Overwhelmed?

Reset when overwhelmed

I found that place a few times this year, my most recent time was a month ago. My website had re-launched with this blog and I had begun writing again. I was thoroughly enjoying it.


Two Things You Can Do to Go Deeper with God

There are a few phrases floating around in the Christian lingo. One that I’ve heard quite a bit is to Go deeper with God. I’ve even sang the words in church. Have you ever wondered what that meant? Is that even a thing?

Go Deeper with God

When I go swimming, I hate the part of getting in. I’ve used all of the methods, jumping in to get used to the water quickly, getting splashed by others (not by choice and dislike it a lot), and starting in the shallow water and walking to the deeper area.

Whatever the method, there is only one way that you can swim, to get wet. You can’t stay dry and swim, your body has to be immersed in water to swim.


God’s Power in My Life

There is a noticeable power vacuum lately. This is NOT a political statement.  I am not even talking about the lack of strong leadership around us.  There is a noticeable power vacuum with a lack of God’s Power in people’s lives.

God's Power in My Life

Look around you. If you notice what I have noticed lately, there are people in despair. People have no hope of overcoming the problems in their lives.

They have tried man’s wisdom and it hasn’t worked. People are looking for power in their lives and they will go anywhere to find it.


Live Unoffended in an Offensive World

How to React On Social Media to Negative Comments

I wrote a couple of simple lines on Facebook. Some emotions ran high. Unexpected comments came in.  I had no idea that a simple statement would cause this.  Sound familiar?

Live Unoffended in an Offensive World

I am reminded how so many people online can come across combative. There are countless times when I have seen outright attacks or comments that are misaligned.  In a time when information flies quickly across our screens and our reactions seem just as quick, we can become quickly offended.


4 Reasons There is No Time for Sin

There was a realization that I had today.  We look around the world and see every crazy thing happening.  Islam is making a push to take over the world, Atheism is taking over in countries where Christianity once was prominent, and the United States is in a moral tailspin.  The realization was this, THERE IS NO TIME FOR SIN IN MY LIFE.

There is No Time for Sin

I remember growing up in a large church.  We were comfortable there.  The church was enjoyable, with a pastor who lived fully for God.  We had great music and an amazing youth group.

Although, some of the church members seemed to live a double life.  We would dabble in worldly things and clear our conscience on Sunday when we devoted our lives to God for a couple of hours.


Do This One Thing To Always Succeed

Whatever you do will prosper! You won’t fail. You will be successful. Anything that you put your effort to or take a risk on doing, it will be a hit. You will always succeed! That’s a promise!

How to Always Succeed, Why You Can't Fail

I have a little metal paperweight that reads, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?” I find much encouragement in that.

Not because I can’t fail. I can and I have many times. I find encouragement in that because God says that I won’t fail.


4 Reasons Our Walk with God Becomes Stale

Our daily walk with God is the most important thing in our lives.  Our walk with God is the source of purpose in our lives.  It is the foundation in our lives for everything else that we do. If our walk with God becomes stale, then the rest of our life goes off kilter. Ever feel like your in a desert in your spiritual walk?

Walk with God

In the past month, I have become very busy with work, family, and ministry.  I have become much busier than normal.  After traveling and having commitments every day, I had begun to sense that my own walk with God was suffering.

I began to sense that I was not hearing from God as I normally would.  While the ministry and work being done was going even better than normal. My time with my family was doing great.  I could still sense that my walk with God was less than the best.