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Now that you have been warmly welcomed to My Blog, I would like to show you around the site.  Let me give you a personal blog tour. Blog Tour

At one of the jobs that I worked, they believed in giving in depth orientations for new employees.  The company thought that the best practice was to give a person information from different departments right away.   This allowed them to gain knowledge quickly about the environment and therefore helped them be more productive in their job quicker.

The same thing applies here.  While, I believe that you can find your way around eventually.  I would like to point a few key things out about my blog that will help you to use it more effectively.


Welcome, Introduction to

First Blog Post

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This is Launch Day!  The launch of a new work that has been on my heart to create for years.  I hope you find what I have found personally.  I want to welcome you!

Welcome to

There will be many different resources, materials, and articles for you to discover here. It’s my ultimate desire that you discover a close walk with God through His Grace and His Love. And that His Grace and His Love flow through your life to others around you.

Welcome to My Blog!

New places can be awkward and intimidating.  I remember being new to a school.  It seemed that everyone knew someone, knew where to go, and I had to figure it all out.

No one took the time create good directions or to welcome me.  Most of the other kids were already familiar with the school.  I felt awkward and out of place.

I hope that you have never felt like that.  If you have before, I’d like for this to not be one of those times.

I am very excited about this new blog.  Let me show you around the place so that you feel welcome here!