It’s Almost Christmas….Wait, What about Thanksgiving?

A Renewed Vision for Thanksgiving

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Before Thanksgiving, even in October now, there is Christmas. It is near desensitizing now.  It is also concerning that we almost completely skip the Holiday that is set aside to Thank God for the blessings that He has given to us.

What about Thanksgiving?

I know one couple that even celebrates Christmas in July.  They send Christmas cards to all their friends and family in the middle of summer.

Now, they are being funny by doing this, but they aren’t far from where we will be soon if we keep allowing Christmas to be pushed further up in the year because of profits and greed.

I remember when Thanksgiving was a time when we would go over to our grandparent’s house, family would be there as everyone didn’t want to miss the time with each other, and with the TV off, we would enjoy the blessings of the day and the food and the fellowship.

Today it seems that to some, Thanksgiving has become an inconvenience where we are obligated to go to a few families’ homes, hustle through the meals so that we can attend to our football game or because we want to go to another obligation that we have.

Where is God in all of this?

Thanksgiving was the first Holiday here in a new world dedicated to God to thank Him for His blessings and provisions.  It was also inclusive of those different from us.  We have missed an opportunity here to realize what following Jesus and what Thanksgiving is all about.

It is about showing our gratefulness to God for the Love and provisions that He has shared with us.  Then it is about sharing His love and those provisions with those around us, regardless of who they are.

Our Call for Thanksgiving

What a great outreach opportunity!  In a world where people don’t understand God’s true love and misunderstand what it is to follow a loving God.  We can show God’s love and generosity with others without limit and to whomever God puts on our hearts.

It’s an opportunity to Thank God for all His blessings that He has given to us.  Despite the hardships, like the early settlers, we will thank God for His bountiful blessings that He freely gives to us all.

A Renewed Vision of Thanksgiving

I want to challenge us to begin thinking of this Holiday different.  Please refrain from being dragged into the commercialism hype of Christmas.  Take a moment and pour out your gratitude and thanks to God.

Show His love and any blessings that He has given to you, to others.  That they may see the love of God and His work in your life.

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