7 Tips on How to Read the Bible

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Our most valuable commodity is time. Today our time is pulled in so many directions. It seems that we never had enough of it. It is hard to find the time to read the Bible among all the other priorities we have.

7 Tips on How to Read the Bible

When I had rededicated my life to the Lord, I knew that I had to read the Bible regularly. I knew that I had to have time each day to read the Bible to grow. I needed a solid foundation in the Bible to have a strong relationship with God.

What I realized in this time was how difficult it was to spend a lot of time in my day to dedicate to Bible reading at first. There was often days or weeks where I would go without reading the Bible.

When I read the Bible, I felt vibrant and alive, feeling that God’s Word was speaking directly to me. When I didn’t, I felt dry and not close to God. I was inconsistent in making good decisions and letting God lead in my life.

What I needed, was consistent time with God’s Word. To spend 30 minutes or an hour seemed like to much time to be consistent.

Many people think that the Bible is so big and it takes to much time. What I found is that if I spent 15 minutes most days in the Bible, that it made a big difference. I began to make better decisions and I began to change behaviors because of what the Bible said.

Here are Tactical Ways You Can Begin to Read the Bible

Find the Time

For most, time is the biggest barrier to reading the Bible consistently. You don’t need enormous amounts of time to be a consistent Bible reader. In fact, you can read through the Bible in a couple of years with just about 15 minutes of reading a day.

When you read 15 minutes a day, it is not a set time. I usually pick a chapter or two to read devotionally. Read more than that and the mind checks out.

You may read more but you may not be retaining more. I personally enjoy reading one chapter unless I am in the Bigger books like Isaiah or Psalms. I will take two or maybe three chapters when I get to these books.

When to Read the Bible

The best time for me to read is in the morning. I have converted myself to a morning person but this may not work for you. I like to read the Bible then because I am fresh. Reading in the morning starts my day off with God and I have fewer distractions from Kids and other distractions.

Because you only need 15 minutes, you really can do this at any time. Mornings, Nights, breaks, lunchtime, or if you are a mom with kids, you can read the Bible anytime you don’t have someone needing your time.

What Translation of Bible to Read

Today, there are a variety of options of translation of Bibles. I encourage people to read a version that is easy to read, but stays true to the original meaning.

By far, my recent favorite for accuracy and easiness of reading is the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). For accuracy, it has held up to the NKJV that I was using before. For readability, it has been as good as the NIV. It is truly a great option to read on a normal basis.

I have been reading this version in my own Bible reading time in the past few months. It has opened my understanding to what God is saying more than any other version.

Here are some other versions that are easy to understand: NKJV, NIV, ESV.

Today, there are different ways that you can read the Bible.  You can read a bound copy of the Bible, read from an E-reader, or there are several mobile apps that you can use.

I still like a bound Bible for devotions. I use Bible apps and E-readers for quick reference. Each person will have their own preference here.

Why to Read the Bible

We read regularly because we want to hear directly from God. We want to hear what He has to say to us for our lives. God will give us specific direction in our lives.

He will tell us directly from His Word what He wants us to do. The Holy Spirit will direct us as we read and apply it to our lives.

Pray before reading

Because the Bible is a spiritual book written by God, it is important to pray before we read. Ask the Lord to teach you His Word.

He wrote it, what a better person to teach you. Ask him to apply the Bible to your life, decisions, problems that you have and situations that you are going through.

What to Expect

You should expect from God that He speaks directly to you. At first it will seem awkward. Anything new that we do, can feel odd.

There may be times when it is dry. I have found that the times of dryness are because of me. If I find dryness, it’s because I enter the time of reading as something to get done, instead of being ready to hear from God.

Read Until You Hear from God

In my devotional time, I keep reading in the Bible until I hear from God. If I read 1 verse or 3 chapters, I keep reading until God speaks to me.

There is usually some application to my life that I can take away for my day in the first chapter.   I end up reading one chapter because there is usually application to my life in the first chapter.

There have been times where a couple of verses overwhelmed me and I had to stop and think about what God had said.  I can read up to a few chapters if needed.

The Main Reason

The main goal for reading the Bible is to hear from God about how to live our lives. We want to please God with who we are. We want to get to know God and who He is.

He wants us to get to know Him. The best way to get to know Him is through the Bible which is how He has revealed Himself to us. Let’s draw closer to God through reading the Bible which He gave to us.

What way works best for you to read the Bible regularly?

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