Grand Canyon – Alone time with God

Have you ever had an awe-inspiring event?  One that will always be etched into your memory?  Have you had one that included God creation?  These are the most spectacular for me, when I see God’s creation in its absolute awesomeness.

Heath Perry - Grand Canyon

For me, one of the most awe-inspiring events was spending time with God alone at the Grand Canyon’s edge.  It simply gives one a perspective of how great and big of a God that we love and serve.  It was an amazing moment for me.


It’s Almost Christmas….Wait, What about Thanksgiving?

A Renewed Vision for Thanksgiving

Before Thanksgiving, even in October now, there is Christmas. It is near desensitizing now.  It is also concerning that we almost completely skip the Holiday that is set aside to Thank God for the blessings that He has given to us.

What about Thanksgiving?

I know one couple that even celebrates Christmas in July.  They send Christmas cards to all their friends and family in the middle of summer.

Now, they are being funny by doing this, but they aren’t far from where we will be soon if we keep allowing Christmas to be pushed further up in the year because of profits and greed.


How to Receive God’s Blessings

One of the most unhappy people that you will ever meet in life is the person who is trying to get and that will never give.  They don’t ever give to anyone, but they are always trying to receive.  They are the hoarder, the miser, and the non-giver.

Gods Blessings

On the converse, the happiest person, the most joyful person in life is the giver.  This person is always giving to others.  They seem the most fulfilled when they can give things away.  They look to bless other people.


Paul points out that some say, ‘I’m of Paul,’ while others say, ‘I’m of Apollos.’ He asked, ‘Isn’t that carnal?’ But what’s the difference between saying that or saying, ‘I’m a Baptist,’ ‘I’m a Presbyterian,’ ‘I’m a Methodist,’ ‘I’m a Catholic’? I have found that the more spiritual a person becomes, the less denominational he is. We should realize that we’re all part of the Body of Christ and that there aren’t any real divisions in the Body. We’re all one.

Chuck Smith

Overwhelmed? How to Reset When Life Becomes too Much

We all need a time to reset, take a step back, and to get a breather. Maybe you are finding yourself overwhelmed with tasks, with more to do than hours in a day, week, a year. You don’t know how you are going to do it. Completely Overwhelmed?

Reset when overwhelmed

I found that place a few times this year, my most recent time was a month ago. My website had re-launched with this blog and I had begun writing again. I was thoroughly enjoying it.


Praise of God, Not of Man

Today, self-esteem and “self-love” reign in the thought process of what is thought of as right.  If it makes you feel good, then it is OK for you to do.  But conversely, it is not popular to follow Jesus. It is popular to seek the praise of people, not the praise of God.

Praise of God, Don't Think Positive

Oh, it is OK to follow the “positive” Jesus, to be religious and positive. To teach all of Jesus’ teachings and to including the negative aspects is thought of as unloving and that somehow you harbor hatred.

Seeking People’s Praise

In Jesus’ day, people believed in Jesus but did not want to follow Him because they were afraid of what the religious leaders of the day would think.

If they followed Jesus, they would have been ostracized by their town and synagogue.  They didn’t follow Jesus because they loved something more than Jesus.

People then loved their own status in society.  They loved the feeling of acceptance and praise by their peers.

People are OK with those who want to be religious and follow a set of beliefs in this society.  They are OK with it if it is positive on the outside.

Follow Jesus to Get the Praise of God

I find that when you venture out and truly follow Jesus as the Bible teaches, there will be some people whom you will offend.

They might disapprove of you to the point of distancing themselves from you.  Even today, we must choose between people’s praise or God’s praise.  Our choice is to follow Jesus.

It is infinitely better to have God pleased with us than to have people pleased with us.  It is better to receive His eternal praise instead of people’s temporary praise.

The praise of people is fleeting and can change from day to day, it is only temporary.  The praise of God is eternal and will last forever.

Remember, Jesus was praised by people a week before they shouted “crucify Him”.  Jesus sought the praise of God, the Father.  Let’s follow Jesus and seek the praise of God, the Father in Heaven.

So, let’s love the praise of God and we will not have to be concerned about the praise of man.

What’s some of things that we do to receive the praise of people?

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Two Things You Can Do to Go Deeper with God

There are a few phrases floating around in the Christian lingo. One that I’ve heard quite a bit is to Go deeper with God. I’ve even sang the words in church. Have you ever wondered what that meant? Is that even a thing?

Go Deeper with God

When I go swimming, I hate the part of getting in. I’ve used all of the methods, jumping in to get used to the water quickly, getting splashed by others (not by choice and dislike it a lot), and starting in the shallow water and walking to the deeper area.

Whatever the method, there is only one way that you can swim, to get wet. You can’t stay dry and swim, your body has to be immersed in water to swim.


Two Titles of Pastors Used in Churches Today

Think, for a moment, about titles that we give people. There are many titles that we use. Some are endearing, some titles hold authority, and others seem to have both properties. There are some titles of pastors that I would like to discuss today.

Titles of Pastors, Shepherds

I had a leader show me once what the difference between titles was. They pointed out the fact that our placement above our employees gave us the title of boss. The better title to shoot for was leader, but that one had to be earned.


7 Tips on How to Read the Bible

Our most valuable commodity is time. Today our time is pulled in so many directions. It seems that we never had enough of it. It is hard to find the time to read the Bible among all the other priorities we have.

7 Tips on How to Read the Bible

When I had rededicated my life to the Lord, I knew that I had to read the Bible regularly. I knew that I had to have time each day to read the Bible to grow. I needed a solid foundation in the Bible to have a strong relationship with God.